We cook with love as we cook for our own kids!


Petit Gourmet understands how to master the triple challenge of:

πŸ₯• Providing young kids with healthy and tasty meals.
πŸ’• Supporting busy parents who would rather spend time with their kids than preparing nutritious, well balanced and varied meals everyday.
🌿 Respecting our planet as we guarantee that 100% of our packaging is reusable.

Petit Gourmet partners with a winning award kitchen to prepare their delicious and healthy lunch boxes for kids. Lunch boxes are prepared every morning with the best fresh & organic/premium ingredients, packed individually and delivered straight to nurseries & schools.


CΓ©line, engineer and mother of 2 little boys quickly understood the daily challenge for parents to prepare healthy, tasty and varied meals to little ones.

Last year she met Virginie, consultant and mother of 2 little girls. They decided to join forces and share their common vision: working for future generations and helping to preserve the planet!

Concerned by the lack of ingredients transparency & amount of plastic thrown everyday, their goal is to reshape what has the biggest impact on our health: Our daily food.

The healthy lunch boxes revolution has started!


As parents we know how important is the meal time for a kid, and your expectations in terms of quality.
We ensure that each single meal is carefully prepared with the same passion and love that we would do for our own kids.

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Organic Products

  • We use organic products whenever possible. Our organic suppliers have been carefully selected.
  • Eating organic helps to reduce our body’s total toxic burden. Studies demonstrate that in as little as 15 days, children adoption an organic diet experienced a dramatic decrease in urinary concentrations of pesticides.
  • Organic farming is also better for our earth as it does not use chemical products.
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Fresh and 100% natural

  • Meals are cooked in the morning from highly qualitative & fresh ingredients and immediately delivered.
  • We banish preservatives and any processed or junk ingredients.
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Carefully tailored

  • Each recipe has been thought to be delicious, healthy and varied by our French Chef Jean-Christophe and his nutritionist.
  • Each menu has been approved by Dubai Municipality.
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Safe and Eco Friendly

  • Most of our proposed meals are steamed which is the healthiest and safest way to cook food and preserve all original nutrients.
  • All of our packaging and cutlery are reusable to have no waste and protect our environment.

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