Kids Friendly Infused Water

Kids Friendly Infused Water
07/07/2019 Celine Lamperin
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With these easy and quick infused water, we hope that we can inspire you to make a healthy change in replacing some of your artificial drinks for some delicious new ones!

As much as possible I try to avoid sugary drinks for the whole family. Moreover with the very hot temperatures outside, I decided to change it up a bit and infuse some water. With few yummy & colorful ingredients you will be able to prepare delicious infused water that you & your little ones should enjoy as much as we did!


Keep in mind that the best infused water is when you take flavors that you already love <3

Here are the ingredients I used for these infused waters.

– Infused water 1: Strawberries & Lemon

– Infused water 2: Nectarine & Mint

– Infused water 3: Lime, Raspberries, Mint

– Infused water 4: Grapefruit & Thym

– Infused water 5: Watermelon, Lemon & Basil


Just cut fruits & mix with herbs & water and herbs. Add some ices cubes for even more freshness 🙂

It is also very nice with sparkling water!!



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