Non bake strawberries cheesecake

Non bake strawberries cheesecake
11/09/2019 Celine Lamperin
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🍓Creamy and mousse-like, this non bake strawberry cheesecake is a simple to prepare, delicious

and served here in individual jar making it a fancy snack or dessert 🍓


Ingredients for 4 jars

– 150gr of organic fresh strawberries

– 50g of cream cheese

– 50g of greek yogurt

– 100g of heavy cream

– 1 tablespoons of ice sugar

– Few drops of vanilla extract

– 1 zest of organic lime

– Our recipe of shortbread (recipes HERE) or by default 12 lotus biscuits

– 20gr of melted butter



  1. In a bowl, mix together biscuits with sugar and melted butter.
  2. Add the crumbs to the bottom of 4 small jars or ramekins, and press down to create the crust.
  3. In another bowl, beat cream cheese,  ice sugar, vanilla and lemon zest until fluffy.
  4. Whip cream, and fold into cream cheese mixture.
  5. Add the mixture over the biscuits crumbs.
  6. Top with strawberries and refrigerate at least 2 hours



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